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The Author

Khandaker Mursalin Borshon

Hello, I’m Khandaker Mursalin, a writer and researcher in the field of English Literature and blog writing. In 2014, I met my wife for the first time in my class. We found out that we two have a great passion for plants and gardening.  Our hopes, aims, and interests were quite similar. So, we decided to marry. Finally, we married in 2015. Back then we were younger and had no money to make a huge garden as both were students.

But our passion for plants never decreased. We believed that making a garden at home requires your passion rather than money. So, we kept collecting plants by any means. And now, we have a huge balcony garden with more than a few hundred specifies. Most of them are indoor plants and good for balconies. So, we decided to help and encourage people to keep plants in their homes. And Gardenmysteries is a part of our work.


The Team

We are aware that we don’t have sufficient gardening knowledge to help you. So, we asked for some professionals to work in a team. The team of Garden Mysteries is not a giant one but some familiar people who are greatly interested in the garden. We have some garden experts, a few Botanics experts, a couple of arborists, and also some experienced farmers. And we all love to use our home to grow greens both for the world and also to increase the bewitchment of our loving home.


The Aim of Garden Mysteries

We believe that our effort to motivate and help you start making a little home garden can be our way to express love and appreciation for our world. Also, we believe you can do so just by planting a few trees at your home. It is not mandatory to plant big trees, in any case, you don’t have big space. You can just go for a little one like a rose tree or lemon. So, if you also agree with us and want to start with one or two trees, just keep following us.

Here, in the Garden Mysteries, we will guide you to make a beautiful home garden. In your leisure, your handmade organic garden will be a heavenly place on earth. Thank you in advance for your effort and also we are expecting your support that will motivate us the most to write more about the care of trees, making a garden, and a lot of garden hacks.

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